Our products are cosmeceutical grade and contain active ingredients. Therefore we strongly suggest that when first purchasing an active product, to purchase our small samples first. We will not refund purchases on full size actives due to incompatibility. Also due the nature of the active ingredients you may experience mild irritation, dryness or flakiness. This is normal and is not considered as an allergic reaction. We will refund the cost of our sample products only in the highly unlikely event of allergic reaction and will require photographic proof. Under no circumstance such RegimA night creams be purchased or used without the neutralising Derma Zest Cleanser.

If an order is canceled after it has already been sent for delivery, we will not refund the cost until the package is returned unopened, less the delivery charges has incurred. will not be held responsible for damages due to transit. In the unlikely event that any liquid product should leak during transit due to pressure changes during delivery, will not be responsible. We are not responsible for leakage as a result of transport. The bottles are strong and sealed in bags. We will require photographic evidence of the damaged product should there be a leak before we consider a refund  as part of product lost or credit at and that remains at our discretion. Our liquids are sealed in plastic bags and should not affect any other products. On return you must send all repackaging with the product.